Beer Cannon

I am the guy who built the Mini Fridge Beer Cannon. I accidentally blew it up on the Science Channel but before that, it was featured in the Best Buy Christmas commercial (with my mom) as well as in Popular Science, the Graham Norton Show the Discovery Channel and a bunch of other cool places!

Skateboard Fire

What am I doing now? Well I was making an electric skateboard... The LiPo battery I was using caught on fire mid ride and I almost burned down my apartment complex. In related news, only slightly used skateboard parts are for sale! Contact me if you are interested!

Pennsylvania Ave

I spend my 9 - 5 working for Dell at the Office of Management and Budget. Taking pictures of the White House? Lets have lunch!



Still working on this part

I am thinking about using tumblr since there is so much support out there. Stay tuned!

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About Me

  • Awesome Husband
  • Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Carnegie Mellon HCII Grad
  • Full Stack Enthusiest
  • Big Nerd
  • Pretty Hilarious

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